A well-known platform, Steam is a digital distribution platform for video games that was developed by Valve Corporation. Originally designed to send out automatic updates for Valve’s own games, Steam quickly began including non-Valve games. It now is one of the most popular digital game distribution platforms available.

Now Steam offers not only video game distribution and updates. They also offer digital rights management (DRM), video streaming, social networking, and matchmaking servers. From installation to automatic updates and the ability to connect with friends in various games through in-game voice and chat, Steam offers it all.

Steam also allows for game creation, not just downloading new games to play. The software provides a free application programming interface called Steamworks. Steamworks allows game developers to use some of Steam’s own functions in their products such as matchmaking, the in-game achievements, and microtransactions.

A must have platform for playing, creating, or discussing old and new games, Steam allows for more than 100 million players and developers to give and receive feedback. The forums on Steam are a hotbed of new ideas and suggestions for developers to follow through on. Steam offers games from the latest releases to indie games that don’t yet have a following.

Available originally for Windows OS users, they soon released macOS and Linux versions due to popular demand. Mobile apps were released for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone later on. They now offer design software, music for games, some anime shows, and a few films they have retained rights to.

As the largest digital distribution platform for PC games, Steam represents about 75% of the entire market. Their sales generated about $4.3 billion in 2017 and accounted for almost 1/5 of the sales globally of PC games. As of today, Steam has over a billion registered accounts and around 90 million active users.

With the success of Steam, you can see why we at Eppmannn Technologies strive to provide access to several of our titles on the platform. To allow for the greatest availability of our technology to amateur and AAA level game developers, we work to maintain our partnership with Valve and Steam.